Mother Natures Fireworks

Mother Natures Fireworks
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Transféré par Michael Séan le 09 Aug 2012 à vancouver

Taken Aug 7th from English Bay Vancouver

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Brenda Cormier posté 2012-12-18 10:47pm

I voted for your photo a few times as well Michael. I love this shot quite a bit. However I also love my son's lightning photo as well and of course voted for him lots. He stayed on the first page the whole time. However if he did not ente,r your photo would have gotten most of the votes. Very very nice photo I must say. Other than my son's it was my favourite. All the best. I can't wait to see in mid January for the final results. There were so many photos that I am sure I did not see all of them. There were many excellent photos from all the categories Michael. All the best

Michael Séan posté 2012-12-18 7:03pm

THANK EVERYONE who voted 2799 votes ,25,771 views for my picture because of you my photo is the number 2 in Canada ....Thank You Again for EVERYTHING....I take my photo's because YOU PEOPLE inspire me too

posté 2012-12-09 7:53pm

wow, cette photo est très belle, BRAVO!

Michael Séan posté 2012-12-06 1:22am

Thank You all who continue to Vote This is a dream come true to have this many people enjoying my Photo's ...for someone who picked up a camera a year ago I am blessed with a great eye for taking shots...more of my best shots found here hope you enjoy

Terry Gerritsen posté 2012-12-02 4:33am

Great shot Michael, love Vancouver's landscape.


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